Sound Amplifier has a new look and feel with an audio visualisation feature. Photo: Google
DURBAN - Google has launched a new app called Sound Amplifier, an Android Accessibility app that will help people hear more clearly. 

Google announced the app this week and the app is available on Android devices that are running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

Google used machine learning to sort through thousands of publicly available hearing studies and data to understand how people hear in different environments and created a few controls. 

How does it work?

When a user plugs in their headphone and uses Sound Amplifier, they can customise frequencies to augment important sound like the voices of people that they are with and filter out the background noise. 

The app can also help users to hear conversations in noisy restaurants more clearly or amplify the sound coming from the TV at personalised frequency levels without bothering others as well as boost the voices of presenters at a lecture. 

An audio visualisation feature will show the user when sound is detected that will the user visualise the changes they are making to the sound. 

They are also a couple of new visual updates too. The app can be launched directly from a user's home screen instead of tapping into Accessibility settings and with the reorganised the control settings, where the users can tap easily between boosting their sound or filtering out the background noise. 

The Sound Amplifier app can be downloaded on Android devices.