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INTERNATIONAL - Google’s Peer to Peer payment platform, Google Pay, which was launched earlier this year, now stores digital boarding passes and scannable tickets inside the app. 

Google Pay could only allow users to store credit cards and loyalty cards but in a collaboration with Urban Airship, it wanted to create what the company calls a  “ streamlined and engaging ticketing and boarding pass experiences.” 

Working with Urban Airship, Google Pay tickets and passes will receive push alerts and updates for gate changes or flight delays, along with any other valuable information the user may need.

Currently, many other travel and entertainment brands like Alaska Airlines and Regal Cinemas already utilise Urban Airship’s platform.

The platform allows for “real-time updates (like departure time changes), and personalised one-to-one messaging within the card and through lock screen notifications.”

Southwest Airlines actually added the feature to its app a day before Google’s event, which Android Police picked up on.

This new feature is very similar to Apple Pay, which allowed an iPhone the ability to store your mobile tickets inside the Wallet app for quick access. 

In future, if companies integrate with Google Pay’s API, it will enable their customers to save tickets directly to their phone by hitting the “Save to phone” button after the checkout. 

Additionally, if you open the Google Pay app, you will now see various sections covering “Payment Methods,” “Tickets & Passes,” and “Rewards, Gift Cards, & Offers.”


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