Alex Masika, BRCK Head of Business Development showing off latest free Wi-Fi technology known as a moja. PHOTO: Songezo Ndlendle/ANA

CAPE TOWN - Free wifi is a gamechanger and a Kenyan tech company is one of the operators at the forefront of rolling this out in ever increasing waves across the continent. 

According to BRCK head of business development, Alex Masika, a moja is a free public wi-fi platform which is currently operating and growing rapidly in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, as well as in Rwanda.

“You know, with connectivity, a lot of things can change and that is our mission and it is what we are trying to achieve in Africa," Masika said at AfricaCom, the continent's largest technology and telecommunications event which has seen some 13,000 delegates attend at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

"In Kenya, this is very interesting because we work with public transport. We connect the mojas in the minibus taxis so that the commuters can be able to access while on the ride to their destinations."

BRCK was showcasing its latest technology at AfricaCom this week.


Alex Masika, BRCK Head of Business Development at Africa Com.

Masika said the company’s mission is to take Africa’s internet connectivity to the next level and also to make the free wi-fi platform available and accessible around the world.

BRCK’s free consumer internet is subsidised by advertisers which is how the company collects and generates revenue.

"We work with schools, NGOs, governments, businesses, corporates, advertising agents, telcos. We get companies to advertise with us, so before you use the internet, you will be forced to see the advert and the advertisers pay us for giving them the platform,” added Masika.

He further said that the motivation behind the idea was through economic transformation and general life improvement through internet connectivity.

- African News Agency (ANA)