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CAPE TOWN - NetMarketShare, a company that provides web usage statistics on real users has released their latest results on the different types of Operating Systems(OS) available for PC and Mobile.  

What is an Operating System (OS)? 

An OS is the software of your device (PC or mobile) that controls its basic functions and allows you to control its applications such as calendar, timer, camera etc. 

According to their latest data, Windows 7 is still more preferred than Windows 10 on PC.

For mobile, the April 2018 statistics showed that Android 7.0 and Android 6.0 were the most popular operating systems on mobile.

iOS 11.3 proved to be more popular than iOS 11.2 as it accounted for 11.34% of market share. 

Here is a list of the most popular OS and their market share for desktop in April 2018: 


Desktop OS Share
Windows 7 43.57%
Windows 10 33.81%
Windows 8.1 5.25%
Mac OS X 10.13 4.95%
Windows XP 4.36%
Mac OS X 10.12 1.75%
Linux 1.39%
Mac OS X 10.11 1.30%
Windows 8 1.12%
Mac OS X 10.10 0.73%

Here is a list of the most popular OS and market shares for mobile:


Mobile OS Share – Total
Android 69.80%
iOS 28.62%
Unknown 1.23%
Windows Phone 0.12%
Series 40 0.10%
RIM 0.05%

Mobile OS Share – Version
Android 7.0 19.25%
Android 6.0 15.95%
iOS 11.3 11.34%
iOS 11.2 11.27%
Android 5.1 8.43%
Android 8.0 8.28%
Android 7.1 7.14%
Android 4.4 3.78%
Android 5.0 2.40%
Android 4.2 2.14%

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