Picture: Ressence Type 2 e-Crown. (Twitter).

CAPE TOWN - Belgium luxury watchmaker, Ressence launched a new prototype watch, Type 2 e-Crown Concept, reports The Verge. 

The Type 2 e-Crown is the first-ever mechanical watch coupled with smart technology. 

The e-Crown has been designed by the father of the iPod, Tony Fadell. 

The newly-designed watch is what seems like a merge between mechanical watches and smartwatches. 

How it works is it requires conventional setup the very first time. From here on, the watch can be controlled on a paired iPhone app. 

The app can set the watch to one of two timezones, using an e-Crown. 


The traditional crown is a mechanism used to wind and adjust watches. However, the  Ressence has no crown, it has chips and connectivity and also relies on mechanical movement. 

The e-crown acts as an electro-mechanical field which uses kinetic energy. The kinetic generator transforms wrist movements into energy

The triple-junction photovoltaic cells is hidden behind 10 micro-shutters on the dial. It utilises outside light as an energy source which makes it self-sufficient. 

When the watch is not worn, movement stops and it enters sleep mode. Then, when the watch is placed on your wrist again, it automatically sets to mechanical time

The smartwatch is activated and controlled by tapping on the glass of the watch. 

Considered the ultimate hybrid watch, it also has Bluetooth companion to connect to the app on your phone and access time zones. 

The hybrid smartwatch does not need to be recharged. It is powered by a self-winding rotor for the automatic movement and a combination of a kinetic generation and solar power for the e-Crown. 

However, Ressence’s smartwatch is merely a prototype for what the future of smartwatches will look like. 

The company has said that a production version of the Type 2 should be hitting the market later this year in June

People can expect to pay between a staggering R184 000 to R428 000. 

Sadly, even if the prototype does make it to the market, it will be out of many people’s price range.