Samsung is changing the way people communicate through their AR emojis Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Samsung has rolled out new augmented reality emojis and various other messaging innovations in the Galaxy S9/S9+.

More than 5 million emojis are sent every day which shows that people are telling their stories through images and illustrations rather than text or talk.

With the new and improved hardware, the AR emojis have transformed the camera into a dashboard that makes creating and mixing the moments you want to share even much easier.

Samsung's partnership with Disney has resulted in an all-new set of Disney-themed AR emojis. Samsung users can now use Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck emojis by downloading the Disney characters from the camera and then pressing record.

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Photo: Facebook

The Disney emojis will be added to the variety of AR emojis that are already available like your own personal emoji avatar and other cartoon characters.

AR emojis use deep learning and facial recognition technology to map more than 100 facial features to create a 3D replica.This allows users to create their own fun, customised messages to their friends.

There are plans between Samsung and Disney to release more classic characters all through the year including characters from The Incredibles and Frozen.

The Samsung S9/S9+ My Emoji feature automatically creates 18 emotions and saves them as custom stickers that are easy to access from your Samsung keyboard, along with other pre-loaded emojis and stickers.

At the moment, there are 18 different custom stickers, but new updates will take the total up to 54. They use an AgIF format you can share them with anyone regardless of what smartphone they have.

Third-party applications also support My Emoji stickers through the use, you can send any custom emoji to your loved ones.

The smartphone company has also partnered with GIPHY so sending GIFs is much easier. Users can send a GIF right from their Samsung keyboard. People are spoiled for choice with the Samsung keyboard having 30 categories of GIFs to choose from.

Samsung has taken things a step further and added 200 more emojis to the Samsung keyboard. The classic icons on the keyboard have also been redesigned.