File Image: Snapchat

INTERNATIONAL - Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. is looking for more ways to generate revenue, it has since decided to test a six-second ad aptly called “Commercials". 

The test, scheduled to start in the middle of next month and which the company confirmed, will appear in some shows, but not in personal stories or the Discover news section, reported Digiday. 

People familiar with the test told the publication that the move is an attempt to see how many ads users will tolerate.

Commercials are expected to consist of high-quality ads from major companies. 

Additionally, the company also launched new lenses called “Snappables".

These lenses let users play games with their friends on the platform through touch, motion, or facial expressions.

Users can add friends to a rock band, challenge them to an emoji dance-off, or play basketball, reported Wired. 

According to Snap, Users can look forward to new Snappables every week.