Taxify has launched Driver Destinations feature. File Photo: IOL
Taxify has launched Driver Destinations feature. File Photo: IOL

DURBAN - Taxify has added a new feature called Driver Destinations which was launched on August 10. 

With this feature, drivers can indicate where they are heading to when their day starts or ends so that the ride-hailing app can find and connect them with trips that are on their way. 

According to Taxify, they have added this feature to help their drivers maximise their daily earning potential. 

Driver Destinations can be set up two times a day which means that drivers that are on their way back home or towards areas with high demand can set their destination to earn fares that are along their routes. 

Gareth Taylor, country manager for Taxify South Africa said: "Taxify shares objectives with its driver partners: we are constantly looking for ways for drivers to increase their revenue, reduce their costs, and to stay safe while utilising the platform."

The company has also partnered with Namola to improve the safety of Taxify drivers. According to Taylor, if a driver using Taxify is in distress they can push the SOS button in the app and their location will be shared with Namola immediately to assist the driver. If the driver requires immediate assistance, an armed response unit will be sent to the driver by Namola. 

Taxify has also increased their rates. Trips are now calculated at R0.75 per minute and the cost per kilometre is R7.50. The base fare of R5 and the minimum fare of R20 remains unchanged. 

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