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CAPE TOWN - The International Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) which began on Monday in Las Vegas is disrupting the technology world at a rapid rate.

 Take a look at some of the tech that was revealed at the CES which will not only personalise your life, but make it easier too. 

1. Litter Robot III Open-Air

The litter robot is a self-cleaning litter box for cats. It is completely automatic and weight activated. It has a patented shifting system which shifts automatically and disposes of the waste litter. Then, while it rotates, it replaces the waste litter with clean litter. 

This litter box can be purchased for R12 295. 

“It was designed around a need that I had with two of my cats. I was having a lot of difficulty with getting them to use the litter box. I designed this litter box with the intent of essentially solving my problem”, says President of Automated Pet care products and designer of the Litter Robot, Brad Baxter. 


2. Hypervsn

Smart visuals technology company, Kino-mo released the latest holographic technology, Hypervsn at the CES 2018. 

The Hypervsn displays 3D video content with holographic effect. The end result of this combination is high resolution holograms, floating in mid-air. 

The price is yet to be released. 


3. Voxels

Multinational technology giant, Intel on Monday released the Voxel, in a bid to create ‘the “most realist content possible’’. 

A voxel is a step away from the pixel. The system is able to achieve volumetric control which allows for a new viewer experience. 


4. Moto Mods

Computer manufacturing company, Lenovo just last week revealed the latest multi functional phone and projector, moto mods. 

Lenovo’s latest moto mods boasts a sliding keyboard, a share printer and even a blood pressure monitor. 

The moto mods is one of a few products launched at this year’s conference. One other such product being the standalone VR headset, the Lenovo Mirage Solo. This headset allows users to walk around virtual space using “WorldSense Tracking”. The headset will cost around R3 719. 

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5. Innomdle Sgnl

Korean startup company, Innomdle Lab on Monday revealed a smart watch strap at the CES. 

The Sgnl watch allows you to answer calls with your fingertip. How it works is it connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The connectivity then allows you to listen to your phone calls through the tip of your finger. The user will then be able to talk through a mic which is located on the strap of the watch. It costs R3 097. 

6. Laundry robot

Laundroid is the first ever fully automated laundry robot.

Laundroid uses artificial intelligence and visual analysis technology what function to identify clothes. The bot costs nearly R200 000 but the company is allegedly trying to get the price down to below R24 945. 

The robot is designed as such so that it blends in with your furniture. It’s surface has a sleek wooden-like finish and it comes adapt with multiple robotic arms, cameras and sensors inside. 

7. Kohler Konnect 

Design and manufacturing company, Kohler revealed Kohler Konnect which personalises everyday tasks. 

These tasks include running a tap of water, flushing the toilet and also releasing water from the shower head. By using digital technology, Kohler Konnect enables all of these functions automatically. It recognises voice prompts as well as gestures and responds accordingly. 

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