CAPE TOWN -   Bullitt Mobile Ltd which holds the global license for phones and accessories for Caterpillar Inc has unveiled its new device called the Cat S61. 

The Cat61 is the successor to Cat S60 after a survey showed that 94% of Cat phone customers worldwide rated the device positively. 91% said they would likely buy a ‘Cat’ device again.


1. The Cat S61 is IP68 & IP69 dustproof, built to withstand steam and high water pressure, and waterproof up to 3 metres for 1 hour. 

2. It features enhanced FLIR ® thermal imaging capability, built-in laser assisted distance measure, and an indoor air quality sensor.

3. It has an Aluminium reinforced die-cast frame and built to survive repeated drop tests onto concrete from 1.8m.

4. Screen protected by the latest Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 5. 

5. It has and increased measurable scene temperature range -20°C to 400°C

6. Improved FLIR MSX image resolution with a Laser-assisted area and distance measure, up to 8m. 

7. It has a VOC indoor air quality meter and humidity sensor. 

8. The device has an  Android™ Oreo (with upgrade to P) Operating System. 

 9. 5.2” FHD bright display, optimised for outdoor use and the touch screen can be controlled with gloves on or with wet fingers. 

 10. Large 4500mAh capacity battery and is QC4.0 compatible. 

11. 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 4K video and 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM (expandable with MicroSD) 2.2GHz Octa-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 630)

12. LTE Cat 13, VoLTE, VoWiFi. 

13. Enhanced GPS, BT5.0, NFC, dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz). 

14. Curated app catalogue for rugged device users. 

However, the three main features of this new device are:

1.  Intergrated thermal imaging camera

We see how the CAT S61 thermal camera technology works. #CATS61#ruggeddevice#thermaltechnology#thermalcamera @CatRuggedPhones

— Business Report (@busrep) July 4, 2018

According to Cat, the thermal camera can be used as a tool to monitor, to diagnose or to improve efficiency. 

"Scan the situation for a different perspective and to locate a heat source up to 400ºC, even in complete darkness", said the company. 

The Cat S61 provides even more detail to help locate and diagnose the damp, draft, leak, short or blockage. 

“Everything in the universe either emits thermal energy or reflects thermal energy and the camera senses that and detects that and that’s what it replicates on the screen,” senior product manager at Bullitt, Pete Cunningham, said in an interview with Business Report. 

2. Laser- assisted distance measure

This feature can be used for on the job estimates for materials required. 

Users can measure the length and height, working out the area and then keeping the details safely documented alongside a record of the layout of the area, all on one screen. 

Materials needed for painting, flooring, tiling or whatever task is being undertaken can all be estimated quickly with the Measure app on the Cat S61.

3. Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This new feature allows the device to measure Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

This indoor air quality sensor will monitor the environment it's in. The Air app will prompt you to open a window or grab some fresh air if an unhealthy level of VOCs has been detected.

Common sources of VOC’s include paints, solvents, carpets, furniture, cleaning products and even humans.

It can also be used to provide temperature and humidity readings, useful for example, for rooms without an extractor fan and where opening a window alone doesn't always help. 

The device will be available in South Africa from the 7th of July at all major cellular operators. 

Pete Cunningham Vice President for the Product Portfolio of the CAT S61 takes the stage to discuss this unique rugged device.@CatRuggedPhones @PeteCunningham

— Business Report (@busrep) July 5, 2018

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