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CAPE TOWN - Most of the applications we use on our smartphones are created by big companies such as Google, or Apple, however there are many locally developed apps that also do a great job. 

These seven locally created apps are becoming very popular in different parts of SA. 

Here is a list of the innovative, home-grown apps:

1.  MyBru

MyBru is an app that helps users find specials wherever they are by simply switching between their four categories - food, drinks, retail and entertainment. 

Co-founders Kalvin Sutherland and Reece Meyer had the plan of changing the way we as South Africans spend our time, the way we plan, and the way we live.

How it works:

1. Once the app is downloaded, it will show you a map of Cape Town.

2. You can pinpoint to a location and the app will give you the different specials of each store that you choose.

3. Special prices are shown for food, drinks, retail and entertainment. 

You can download the app for free on the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

2. AftaRobot, a local minibus taxi app

This innovative app is designed to help those who travel within mini-bus taxis in Johannesburg's Southern Suburbs.

How it works: 

  • Similar to Uber, the app allows commuters to pre-book a taxi ride from a specific location (a taxi rank). 
  • In addition, the app allows users to rate the taxie drivers safety, timeliness and availability of rides.

The inspiration behind the development of AftaRobot is due to life experiences its founder Obakeng Morapeli Matlhoko had faced.

"Why is it that a system that transports 70% of the public transport market, can be so informal, structured, unsafe, a vital lifeline for millions, disliked, needed and can't get real investment all at the same time?" Minibus taxis transport billions of people annually, get no subsidy (or priority lanes even though they are a high occupancy vehicle) like most other "formal" public transport services, yet have managed to survive from our countries dark days all the way to now", said Matlhoko in a previous interview with Business Report. 

3. Slide App

The Slide app was founded by three young South Africans and according to the company has been developed to change the way we pay each other.

According to the finance portal, Slide is ideal for parents sending money to their children and for sharing costs like rent, concert tickets or restaurant bills. It can also be used for a worker who wants to send money to his family within SA, which they can now do at no cost. 

How to use Slide:

  • Download the app by searching Slide Financial on the Google Play or App Store and complete a quick sign up form which doesn’t require FICA.
  • Slide will link with your contacts so you can choose who to pay or add a new contact with a cell number or email address. 
  • Then simply add how much you want to pay, personalise your payment with a message, and authorise and send the money by selecting the bank you are with. 
  •  Payments are funded using EFT secure technology direct from the sender’s bank account. 
  • The recipient will be notified by SMS and email and then prompted to download the app. 
  • The money can be cashed out at any time to his or her bank account with one click. 
  • The money typically appears the next business day irrespective of bank. The sender will get a confirmation that the funds have been received.

4. SweepSouth

Established in 2013, SweepSouth is an app that connects you with a cleaner that is close to your suburb.

If you’re looking for a reliable, convenient home cleaning service near you, this app was designed to make finding and booking a domestic cleaner quicker and easier than ever before. 

How It Works:

  • Create Your Personalised Cleaning Plan
  • Get Matched With Your SweepStar
  • Manage Everything Online
How does payment work:

  • Pre-paid: when you opt to pay via instant EFT or SnapScan you will be paying for the booking upfront
  • Post-paid: when you opt to pay via card, you will charged on the evening after your booking has taken place. 
  • Weekly billing is automatically set when you schedule more than one weekly recurring booking, you will be charged for all your bookings, on the evening of your last booking for that week, e.g. if you have recurring bookings for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, you will be charged for all three on Thursday evenings. 

5. Bottles

BOTTLES is an on-demand alcohol delivery app that promises to provide the fastest and most convenient way to buy beer, wine and spirits in SA.

So even after you've had a drink already and feel for more, this will avoid drunk driving. 

The company promises to deliver your package cold, to your doorstep, within 60 minutes.

In order to use the app, you must: 

You must be 18 years or older (ID verification required),
Have a smartphone
Have a valid credit/debit card.

Cash is not required as much like most online services, your card details are stored on the app. 

The app's services are available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

 Besides alcohol, they also offer a range of complementary products like mixers, ice, snacks, cigarettes and more. 

6. Prim-U

Prim-U is an online booking app developed by a local female programmer, Thuli Hlongwane for those seeking beauty or wellness treatments countrywide.

The app allows users to connect with salon and spa services to provide manicures, massages or make-up sessions and caters to both women and men.

Users can schedule an appointment for when it suits them best and can receive it in the comfort of their own home.

Their main aim of the app is to give small businesses opportunities while bringing every customer the ultimate beauty experience, according to the website. 

Consumers are able to pay for treatments via their credit card on the app or by cash.

7. Dineplan 

Dineplan is a free mobile app for diners that allows users to search available tables and instantly book at more than 1 000 restaurants countrywide.

Users can explore restaurants by availability, name and area or find nearby restaurants with available tables based on their current location. 

The app allows diners to see the following information on restaurants:

1.  Ratings,

2.  Cuisines on offer, 

3. Price range,

4. Open times and 

5. The attributes of each eatery to help them pick and book the perfect place.

The app is available for  Android and iOS users.

How it works:

  • Once an instant booking is made on the app, the user immediately receives an SMS and email confirming the details of their booking.
  • On the day of the booking, they will receive a reminder SMS asking them to reply ‘Confirm’ or ‘Cancel’ to automatically update the status of their booking.