Uber officially launched on the African continent in September 2013. File photo: Pixabay
DURBAN – Uber is celebrating five years of being active on the African continent with their first venture launching in Johannesburg in September 2013. 

Since 2013, the ride-hailing company has launched in 12 cities across five Sub-Saharan African countries. Some of these cities include Durban, Cape Town, Mombasa, Accra, Pretoria amongst others.  Uber has also localised their offerings with uberBoda (motorised bikes) in Kampala and paying for uberCHAPCHAP with via M-Pesa in Nairobi. 

Uber has travelled more than 1 billion miles across Sub-Saharan Africa and they have an average travel time of 5 minutes. One Uber user in particular, has 6000 requested trips on his account.

In the five years of being on the African continent, the company has attracted more than 36000 driver-partners. Uber drivers and Eats delivery-partners in South Africa have an improved safety feature, a mobile emergency app. Uber is also the first e-hailing service in South Africa that offers injury protection for both riders and drivers. 

General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa Alon Lits said "It all started with the tap of a button, and has led to so much more - from exploring new cities together, getting you to that big moment on time and to thousands of economic opportunities created".

Uber has also launched Uber Movement in three South African cities including Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Tshwane. Uber Movement is a website that assists urban planners, city leaders, third parties and the public to better understand the transportation needs of their city. Uber Movement will also be launching in Nairobi. 

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