Uber Eats is celebrating its second year of delivering food to South Africans. Photo: Supplied
DURBAN – Uber Eats is celebrating its second year of delivering food to South Africans. 

The app which was first launched in Johannesburg in 2016 has now expanded to five more cities. 
Uber Eats has brought orders within a thumb’s reach, whilst improving the speed and reliability of deliveries to Eaters, with 45 perrcent of trips in the last year being completed under 30 minutes.

According to App Annie, Uber has moved from serving 500 000 people to more than 1 million people. 

Ailyssa Pretorius the general manager of Uber Eats South Africa said: “Our obsession with customer service and technology has helped us thrive in a highly competitive market, and has helped us become the number one app in the market over the last two years.”

Uber Eats has learned a lot through its experience of delivering food to South African such as cuisine preferences to everyday food needs. 

Users of Uber Eats are diverse and need to have access to a variety of restaurants able to meet a variety of preferences. 

Uber Eats has achieved this as they have managed to grow the offered selection to give local residents’ access to more than 2 000 restaurants, providing over 50 000 meal choices that are currently available on the app.

Uber Eats is also providing local residents with a flexible way to earn some extra income such as bridging gaps in work or topping up their existing income. 

In this past year, Uber Eats has created more than 1 500 flexible economic opportunities for delivery partners.

Uber Eats also continues to localise its service offering through new features such as cash payments on delivery. This pilot cash payment option will be available in the coming months. 

Uber Eats is looking forward to increasing the choices of customers to meet all budgets as well as providing users with smarter and more personalised meal recommendations. 

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