Vodacom has put 5G on the African map with the launch of 5G in Lesotho. Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - Vodacom had announced that they have created Africa's first standards-based commercial 5G service in Lesotho. 

The service uses 3,5GHz spectrum that will initially deliver Fixed Wireless Access broadband services to two enterprises in the country. 

The Chief Executive Officer for the Vodacom Group Shameel Joosub said that Vodacom prides itself on being a market leader and they are extremely pleased to be the first to deliver 5G services to customers in Africa.  

5G technology in Lesotho and access to faster speeds can have huge benefits for Vodacom customers, government, entrepreneurs and smart factories.

A spokesperson from Vodacom said, "The most significant immediate benefits of 5G technology include the quicker deployment of broadband services with fibre-like speeds, low latency to facilitate machine to machine connectivity, and the ability to simultaneously connect a large number of devices".

The spokesperson added that Lesotho was selected as the destination for the launch of 5G in Africa because the government of Lesotho has assigned the necessary 3,5GHz spectrum that is needed for 5G implementation to Vodacom for the purpose of 5G. 

The mobile carrier also announced they have applied the same standards-based 5G technology in South Africa with speeds of more than 700 Mbps and less than 10 milliseconds of latencies. This will surpass 1Gbps as new software versions and devices become ready for use. 

"When 3,5GHz spectrum becomes available to Vodacom South Africa, we look forward to rolling out our 5G service to our South African customers,"  said a Vodacom spokesperson.