Wakelet is the new alternative to Storify. Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - Since the closure fo Strify, Wakelet has seen a serious number of Storify users move onto the new app.

The migration from Storify to Wakelet has been made easier by the slick import tool that allows users to save their content from being deleted when Storify closes in May.

Misbah Gabriel, who leads the marketing at Wakelet said "With Storify closing its doors, we want to offer people an intuitive and powerful alternative that will help them curate faster and easier than before, in any way they want.

Storify users can already import their content to a new Wakelet account, and now with the new Twitter search feature, they’ll feel right at home!".

Wakelet has also just announced a new feature which lets users search and add tweets from within Wakelet straight to their collections.

Users of Wakelet can also search for tweets and content using hashtags, keywords and mentions.

This feature comes as a big relief to former Storify users who have been searching for an alternative platform to curate content from a great extra for existing Wakelet users.

With the new features that ex-Storify users will find familiar, Wakelet has a lot of other features that will useful to people making the change - like the ability to message other users, connect and change between many different accounts, slick like iPhone and Android apps, and other great customisability over the look of the collections.

Gabriel added "Wakelet is used by people and businesses every day to organise and share content that is important to them. It allows people to create moving and dynamic stories to share with their audience, along with giving them a space to organise their research - no matter the source".

As well as being a strong curation platform, it looks like the Wakelet is surely poised to become the go-to alternative to Storify.

Here is a list of additional Wakelet features:

1. Create a beautiful profile to manage links and collections.
2. Reorder the collections on their profile.
3. Add cover and background images to their collections.
4. Reset the links in their collection.
5. Add their own pictures and collections
6. Edit the title, description and picture of each individual link that users add.
7. Present their collections in various layouts.
8. Invite people to contribute to their collections.
9. Users collections can either be private, unlisted or public.
10. Embed their collections
11. Follow other Wakelet users and get notifications when they create new collections.