Image: The image published by Samsung shows the Note 9 phablet placed face-down on a surface, with the updated yellow S Pen stylus on its back. (Daily Mail)

CAPE TOWN - It is August 9, and Samsung is launching its new Galaxy Note device.

 Despite many leaks showing almost every detail of the phone,  Here’s what you could expect of the unpacked event expecting to see:

1. Upgraded S Pen 

Samsung is teasing some pretty big upgrades for this year’s model. A boost to accuracy and sensitivity seems like a safe bet, but the big changes could come in the addition of Bluetooth to the stylus, allowing it to be used as a remote control.

2. Improved battery life

Based on Samsung’s teasers for the Note 9, battery life is going to be a big selling point for the phone. Rumors suggest that the Note 9 might feature a 4 000 mAh battery. 

3. An increase of storage space

Also leaked in Samsung’s promo video, the Note 9 will come with up to 512GB of on-board storage, which, when combined with a 512GB microSD card will give users will be a full terabyte of storage into their phones. 

4. Improved cameras

 Rumours have suggested that  the new device could feature the dual-aperture system that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S9.

5. Faster speeds

The Note 9 will likely feature an upgrade to Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor as in the S9, along with a new modem.

6. Fortnite

Rumours have suggested that Fortnite, the is the biggest online game in the world will be featured exclusivly to the Galaxy Note 9. 

Bixby is probably getting added though, so at least there’s that to, uh, look forward to?

6. New wireless charger 

Images have surfaced online showing a new Samsung wireless charger, capable of charging two devices at once. 

If you're interested in watching the launch live, you can do so on the video below.


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