FILE PHOTO: Xiaomi branding is seen at a UK launch event in London.

CAPE TOWN –  Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi developed a foldable smartphone with a double-folding screen.

The company has recently posted another teaser video for its bifold Android device.

Similar to the Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi’s open tablet has thin, regular bezels on all sides, and when it folds the screen wraps around the outside but with the Xiaomi device, the foldable folds twice. 

Xiaomi hasn’t yet announced official details for its foldable phone, such as a firm release date and price, but the company is clearly keen to keep the hype going as it builds toward a finished product.

Previously, Xiaomi vice president Wang Xiang uploaded a video to Twitter showcasing the device on the social media platform.

Xiang said in the post: "Excited to share this video of a special Xiaomi smartphone from our President and Co-founder Bin Lin. It is the world’s first ever double folding phone — that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?"