By using a dual-sim device, You won't need to double login or sign out of app accounts but you can log in both accounts at the same time and multitask by cloning your apps.

CAPE TOWN – As our lives, change and technology become the forefront of evolution, we battle to try and keep our personal life separate from our business life. 

However, there is a way to do this on your smartphone by creating multiple app accounts for your WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger. 

No more double login or sign out but you can log in both accounts at the same time and multitask. 

If you have a Dual-Sim device, cloning apps or creating multiple accounts are one of the reasons that make them useful. 

How it works:

1. In your settings look for a dual-app/twin app feature which will allow you to create two different login accounts. 

If your smartphone doesn’t have the dual-apps feature built-in then you should download it externally from your app store, download and install one of the three apps which are Parallel Space, Clone It or App Clone. 

For example, you can set up one WhatsApp account for work and another for your friends and family.

2. Open the app and tap on Start which will then display all the selected apps to be cloned by default. 

3. Choose the apps you want to duplicate and then add it to the cloning app that you have chosen. 

4. The selected apps will now be displayed in the cloning app. Tap the app to sign in with the new account.

5. Complete the sign-in process to use your second account. 

Keep in mind, if your device does not allow you to duplicate apps and you had to download an external app such as Parallel Space then by default, you can only access the cloned app from Parallel Space. 

If your phone allowed you to duplicate, the second app will be found amongst the others as per normal. 

Below is a demonstration of me cloning my WhatsApp on my Huawei device.