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INTERNATIONAL - YouTube has announced new features that will give creators the opportunity to earn more money on the platform.

(Image: In this image it shows show you will be able to purchase clothing on the platform) 

The company will be expanding a programme over the next few weeks that lets creators and channel owners start their own fan clubs, where membership costs $4.99 (R68.00) 

When you join a fan club, you will get access to additional perks and exclusive content.For example, a blogger making a Nike branded video can now display Nike products on a “shelf” below their video. 

YouTubers will also be able to design their own merchandise through Teespring and sell it on a shelf under their videos.

The goal is to help channel owners diversify how they make money in ways similar to artists and influencers on Instagram. 

With the announcement, YouTube is rebranding the feature, previously called Subscriptions, to Channel Memberships. 

The only requirement now is that channel owners have at least 100,000 subscribers.

The company also added a Premieres feature, which will let creators pre-record videos for their live streams.

This allows creators to focus on things like answering live chat questions while the pre-recorded video is playing.

Another new feature that is coming soon is an expansion of a Famebit integration, which helped brands hire YouTubers to make branded content. 

In South Africa, the most popular YouTube channels belong to a variety of people from Music Artist, Comedians and Influencers.

Here are a list of popular South Africans on YouTube:

1. Mark Fitzgibbon

Born in Cape Town, Mark is a vlogger that has content inspired by Cape "coloured" humour.

He uses slang terms, mannerisms and goes off on random rants about Cape Town.

He has a total of 24,558 subscribers. 

2. Morecasper

Caspar Richard George Lee is a British-South African YouTube personality, vlogger, actor and entrepreneur.

He has a total of 1,945,250 subscribers.

3. Suzelle DIY

Artist, illustrator, designer and actress, Julia Anastasopoulos focus her channel on all things DIY.

She has a total of 138,874 subscribers.

4. Theodora Lee 

She is a YouTuber from Cape Town, South Africa, using the platform to post weekly wellness videos.

Her channel has 226,028 subscribers.

5. Lasizwe Dambuza 

Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza known professionally as Lasizwe Dambuza  is a South African Comedian, Television Personality, Radio host and actor.

He has a total of 35,078 subscribers.