YouTube will now have a Virtual Reality (VR) app on Oculus. Picture: supplied

CAPE TOWN – Oculus announced that YouTube will soon launch an app on the Oculus’ mobile Virtual Reality (VR) headset, the Oculus Go, bringing YouTube to Oculus’ entire mobile ecosystem. 

Oculus announced the news at its Connect developer conference, along with other news about Oculus Go’s video offerings.

"We’re giving people even more to watch. We’re excited to announce that YouTube VR is coming soon to Oculus Go, bringing more than 800K VR videos on a variety of subjects to the platform, from nature documentaries to the latest 360° concerts", the Oculus team said in a statement. 

This means that there will be an official YouTube VR app for all Oculus mobile headsets.

Additionally, the company also introduced a casting feature that will let people easily stream their VR experiences to friends on mobile devices or TVs.

There will also be a new lineup of events for its live Oculus Venues app, including live sporting events and improv comedy.