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CAPE TOWN - New information has revealed that an average WhatsApp call uses anything from 0.15 MB to 0.47 Mb per minute, according to a Quora forum finding.

This means that making a three-minute call over WhatsApp instead of regular cellphone call can save you as much as R3, according to a report by Business Insider.  

However, the price difference vary depending on which service provider you use. Additionally, the quality of WhatsApp calls are heavily dependent on network strength and it isn't always the best option to use. 

According to Business Insider, cellular calls cost R1.23 per minute at Vodacom, 99c at MTN, 66c at CellC and 70c at Telkom. 

Apart from Vodacom, these rates are the same for pay-as-you-go and contract clients. You’d save at least R3.48 calling on WhatsApp at Vodacom, rather than cellular, reported Business Insider. 

Here is what it costs to make a 3 minute WhatsApp call for all networks:

Cellular Network Data Bundle Cost Cost per Mb Whatsapp 3-minute call cost Cellular 3-minute call cost
Cell C 100mb R29 0.29 0.41c R1.98
Vodacom 100mb R29 0.29 0.41c R3.69
MTN 100mb R29 0.29 0.41c R2.97
Telkom 100mb R29 0.29 0.41c R2.10

In other WhatsApp news, the company added support for playing Instagram and Facebook videos within the app. 

Now when contacts send you Facebook and Instagram videos, you can watch them inside WhatsApp without having to exit your conversation thread and go into other apps.

Additionally, YouTube was the first platform that Whatsapp allowed for videos to be played within a conversation. The new functionality is part of the latest iOS update WhatsApp. 

New admin features were also added, such as the ability to add and revoke admin privileges from other users in a group chat, and gives admins the power to edit the subject, description, and icon of a chat already underway.

The new feature is currently rolling out on iOS to some users, the date for Android users are yet to be announced. 

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