WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allows its users to share posts from their WhatsApp status with other apps according to The Verge. Photo: File

DURBAN - WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow its users to share posts from their status with other apps, according to The Verge.

Users in the beta program will start to see a new sharing option beneath their status which will allow the user to directly share their status to Facebook or send it in another app like Instagram, Google Photos or Gmail. 

WhatsApp is making use of the same iOS and Android data-sharing APIs as every other app which means that data is transferred between the apps on-device.

Even if a user shares data to another Facebook owned service like Instagram, WhatsApp says that the posts will be separate events in Facebook's systems and they will not be linked. 

According to WhatsApp, the feature should be an active decision on the part of the user. 

WhatsApp is working on features for iOS

WhatsApp has updated the beta version of its iOS messaging app, adding a number of improvements focused around media sharing according to My Broadband.

After the implementation of this update, WhatsApp users will no longer be able to copy, save, or export the profile pictures of their contacts.

WhatsApp has also made changes to its audio and video messages for iOS, changing the export codec for voice messages for M4A and adding improvements to streaming videos which have not yet been downloaded by recipients. 

The beat update shows that WhatsApp is also working on adding a new type of message which includes interactive buttons. 

The iOS changes for WhatsApp were submitted in a new update for the iOS version of the application and will reportedly be available in the next update on the App Store.