The Book of Spells game, a virtual reality Harry Potter spellbook created by JK Rowling is demonstrated as it is introduced at the Sony press conference.

London - Think of Sony's latest PS3 accessory, Wonderbook, as the most technically advanced pop-up book you're ever likely to see. In what is arguably the best use of augmented-reality currently available (certainly for home use), Wonderbook, through the combination of PS Move, PS Eye camera and the book itself - a nondescript blue volume consisting of pages of QR codes - transports its user into its pages like something straight out of Harry Potter.

How appropriate, then, that its first title, Book of Spells, is precisely that, as players learn to cast the same spells as Harry and his Hogwarts classmates.

What follows is chapter after chapter of wizard school, complete with challenges and beautifully crafted backstories which are not only interactive, but even act as a reading tool for younger children.

By wielding the Move (which resembles a wand on screen), kids (and big kids) can choose which magical incantations to learn next as each turn of the page unleashes more chaos across your living room.

It's a shame that there's not more of an adventure attached too, but Book of Spells remains an imaginative example of Wonderbook's potential. - The Independent