YouTube announced yesterday on the 18th of Sept that it will be launching a new Gaming destination to give gamers a home on the platform. Photo: Reuters

CAPE TOWN – YouTube announced on Tuesday that it would be launching a new Gaming destination to give gamers a home on the platform.

You can find the new YouTube Gaming destination at This new tab will showcase a personalised carousel of content near the top of the page, including new uploads, livestreams from subscribed channels and an area for trending videos.

The company has further said that it has killed it's standalone app that it had for gaming which was introduced in 2015.

"The standalone app for gamers where we tested new features like Game Pages for better discoverability, Super Chat and Channel Memberships to help fans show support for their favourite creators, Dark Theme and even a new live streaming platform based on the gaming community’s feedback. The response to these features has been so positive that we brought them over from the YouTube Gaming app to the main YouTube experience," said YouTube in a statement. 

"In March 2019, we’ll retire the YouTube Gaming app and focus all of our gaming efforts on YouTube where we can reach our entire gaming community"

YouTube has promised that users can now find gaming videos from all over, related to that specific game on new game pages. 

These include popular videos, live streams, and other games from the same publisher or developer. With tens of thousands of different game pages, you’ll be able to find content no matter how big or small the game is.

"We want to do more to help our smaller creators grow on YouTube too, so we’ll be highlighting gaming creators who are “On The Rise” on the Gaming destination and in Trending. Each week we’ll showcase a new up and coming gaming creator to help more fans discover their content, " said YouTube.

According to YouTube, it has around 200 million gamers that come to engage with their favourite games and creators every day, watching over 50 billion hours of gaming content in the last 12 months on the platform. 

This new tab will launch in the US first and will and roll out to more countries in the future.