Netflix is one of many online streaming services available. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)
DURBAN - During the holidays, people might get bored if they are stuck at home because of the bad weather or not having anything today. 

Here are some streaming services that are guaranteed to keep you entertained during the festive period:


Netflix costs $8 (R109,24) per month and gives the user a multitude of streaming options with movies, TV shows, comedy specials and original programming. Some of Netflix's original programming includes popular shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. No other streaming has been able to match the variety of options that Netflix offers as well as quality and performance consistency. There is also the option of making five different profiles on the streaming service so your favourite content does not disturb the recommendations for your loved ones. 

The monthly subscription for Hulu is the same price as Netflix, $8 (R109,24). The advantages of this streaming service are that it has a wonderful selection to choose from except CBS shows. It is also inexpensive when compared to the prices from DStv and they offer original programming that is of good quality. 

Amazon Video:

Amazon Video offers a yearly subscription of $99 (R1351,85) annually. The yearly fee works out to $8,25 (112,65) per month. This price is slightly higher compared to the price of Netflix and Hulu. However, this streaming service also has some advantages like wide -variety of content as well as good original programmes and unlimited access to other Amazon products.