SASSA offices will be opened in December. Photo: File
DURBAN - The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has had to defend allegations of their office closures during the month of December.
The agency says that it is worried about the growing number of scams and bogus information currently targeting people who benefit from social grants. The information circulating suggests that Sassa offices will be closed in December and that beneficiaries of Sassa grants will only receive their money in January.

However Sassa has assured its beneficiaries that all of their offices will be opened in December, with the exception of except public holidays such as Christmas Day.

"We urge our beneficiaries to report such acts of criminality to the police so that these scammers can be put behind bars," Sassa said in a statement.

December social grant payments are pending and will carry on until December 15 at various Sassa pay points. Grant recipients will be able to continue to use ATMs and tills to draw their Sassa grants up until December 22.

The extension was implemented in order to allow beneficiaries to get their Christmas shopping done before the festive rush.

From next year January, the social grant payments will be paid out as per usual, on the first day of each month. Grant recipients have been urged to contact their local Sassa office if they have any questions regarding their grant payments.

Sassa CEO, Pearl Bhengu, said "All social grant recipients should remain vigilant at this time of the year and never disclose their card details to anyone, including their PIN and ID numbers. I also want to take this opportunity to wish all beneficiaries of social grants a safe and happy festive season."

Three months ago the South African Police Services (SAPS) warned Sassa card holders to be mindful of scammers which were calling Sass recipients for their details, under the guise of being Sassa officials.