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Top 5 tech companies on the rise in South Africa

By Gabriella Steyn Time of article published Aug 11, 2017

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South Africa’s Information and Communication Technology industry is the largest and seen to be the most advanced in Africa. South Africa may have many political and economic challenges but the entrepreneurial space in SA’s tech sector keeps on growing. 

Let's take a look at some of the current Technology companies making great strides this year.

1. Axxess (Port Elizabeth)

Franco Barbalich, founder of the company, started Axxess in November 1997.  Franco started Axxess without any investments yet it still became one of the largest ISP's in South Africa.  The current CEO of the comapany is Andrew Simpson. The revenue stands at R250 million and the company employs around 99 workers. 

2. redPanda Software (Cape Town)

Gareth Hawkey and Bob Hall are the founders and Gareth is also the CEO of the company. redPanda employs up to 120 workers. Gareth Hwakey wanted to bridge the gap between what was offered on the market and what companies were searching for,Thus redPanda Software started in 2009, to provide companies with software they control, and without any licence fees.

3. Wantitall + Parcelninja (Johannesburg)

Founded by Terence Murphy, Ryan Drennan, Justin Drennan, Wantitall was started in 2006 to make it easy for South Africans to purchase products from the US. It has a revenue of +R50 Million and employs around 61 workers. After it started, The company received investments from David Frankel and Ronnie Apteker. Over the years, the company evolved and now offers a wide range of outsourced eCommerce services, including Parcelninja.

4. Custos Media Technologies ( Stellenbosch)

This startup was co-founded by G-J van Rooyen, Fred Lutz and Herman Lintvelt, Custos is trying to combat movie piracy by using the Bitcoin blockchain. By using specialised watermarking technology, they help identify the original uploaders of infringed content. Started in the Stellenbosch LaunchLab in 2015, the co-workers idea has impressed more than a few people as Custos received R4-million in funding in April last year, and another R5.9-million from the Technology Innovation Agency in August.

5. BitX / Luno ( Stellenbosch) 

BitX launched out of Stellenbosch in 2013. Seen as one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets worldwide, Thus far the company has seen substantial growth, raising (US)$4-million from Naspers in 2014 and an undisclosed amount from Venturra Capital in 2015. Since then, BitX expanded on its product ranges by allowing customers to purchase airtime and products from Bid or Buy with Bitcoin, as well as a partnership with virtual card system Zazoo. This year, the company changed its name of BitX and to something they see as a more consumer-friendly name called Luno. The company is also set to expand to the UK.


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