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CAPE TOWN- TotalSend launches a new push payment method by being able to integrate payments into digital messaging. This means that bills can now be received over SMS or email and paid by customers within a few clicks.

TotalSend has already started rolling-out Push Payments to businesses in the e-commerce, retail and collections industries. This enables these firms to massively reduce friction of payment collection.

“SMS, email and chats with easy payment links embedded in the message reduces corporate collection times by eliminating the need for EFTs by customers which are notorious for complexities and misunderstandings,”, said Tracy Surkont Managing Director of TotalSend. 

TotalSend can already settle and acquire payments with all major SA banks. On new opportunities for the seamless payment solution, Surkont said TotalSend will be rolling out Push Payments into other promising African territories where the company has direct fixed and mobile connectivity.

 The manual process of adding merchants as EFT beneficiaries before payment can be completed is totally eliminated. 

“My focus with mobile has always been on the bottom line. I enjoy adding value by paying attention to the return on investment that mobile products, services and apps can deliver. With TotalSend’s suite of email, SMS and payment solutions that make collecting the rands and cents so much easier for both parties, I believe we’ve got a winner that will go down increasingly well with the corporate sector,” concludes Surkont.