Uber launches four new features 
Photo: File
Uber launches four new features Photo: File

Uber can now say 'no thanks' to your request

By Dhivana Rajgopaul Time of article published Oct 30, 2017

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DURBAN - Uber has announced new features that will make things easier for drive partners in South Africa. 

The new features will allow drive partners to choose when, where and how they drive as well as a "No  Thanks" button.

These are the products that will be launched for the drivers

Arrival Destination and Time

This feature allows drivers to set the time that they want to arrive at their last destination at any time of the day with a feature called Arrival Time. Drivers can go about their day with the destination and arrival time set, and then the app will inform them when it is time to start heading towards their destination. At that time the driver will be connected with a trip along the same path. This gives the drivers more flexibility and allows them to earn more money on the way. 

Long trip notification

Driver-partners will be sent information to fit driving around their lifestyle. This means that drivers will get a notification when a trip is estimated to be 45 minutes or longer, so the driver can plan accordingly. 

"No Thanks" button

This feature gives drivers the flexibility to turn down trips without having them worry about how it will affect their earnings. The "no thanks" button allows drivers to decline a trip immediately compared to when they would wait for the request to time out. This is also beneficial for riders because the immediacy of the decline allows the request to be passed on to another driver faster. 

Rating protection

Sometimes Uber users will give their trip a low rating for reasons that are beyond the control of driver-partners such as an issue with the actual app. The new ratings policy will not allow those kinds of rating to affect the score of the driver. Uber will still get the feedback to help them improve but this will not impact the overall score of the driver.


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