Bakeys is an Indian company that makes edible spoons.
Photo: Facebook
Bakeys is an Indian company that makes edible spoons. Photo: Facebook

WATCH: An Indian company makes edible cutlery

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 4, 2018

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DURBAN - Bakeys is an Indian company that manufactures edible cutlery.

They make three types of spoons: sweet, savoury and plain. Their spoons also come in a variety of flavours like black pepper, sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, celery, mint-ginger and carrot beetroot.

The spoons are durable in either hot or cold water and do not dissolve, crack or fall apart.

The edible cutlery was invented by a researcher from India, Narayana Peesapaty in 2011.

According to Peesapaty, p lastic spoons are full of toxins but Bakeys spoons are full of nutrition. The Bakeys edible cutlery is manufactured in Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, India.

They use ingredients like millets blended with rice, wheat and salt to make the spoons and then they are baked at high temperatures.

The spoons do not have any chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colour or milk products.

The products are 100% biodegradable, natural, vegetarian and vegan. They are also available in gluten free.

According to Peesapaty, they hope that they will be able to manufacture the spoons at a price that is just as cheap as plastic.

The founder of Bakeys hopes that by selling their cutlery at the same price as plastic, people will stop using plastic.

Bakeys plans on expanding their product range to produce other items like salad bowls, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and chopsticks according to their website.


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