Dan DTM is the highest paid YouTube star. Photo: Instagram
DURBAN - DanTDM is highest earning YouTube personality according to Forbes magazine.

Daniel Middleton, which is his real name made $16,5 million through his YouTube channel.

Middleton first started doing videos of himself playing Minecraft and Pokemon on YouTube . Now he has amassed over 16 million subscribers and has an altogether YouTube video viewership of 11 billion views.

He has now published his own graphic novel and has started a tour of more than 50 shows that includes 4 sold out nights at the Sydney Opera House.

Other YouTube personalities that are also featured on the list include: Lilly Singh who made $10,5 million, Logan Paul who makes videos about his dog and moved towards designing clothes with is brand Maverick.

Logan Paul tied with Mark Fischbach who is known for his dramatic play-by-play commentary and recently did a sketch comedy tour across the United States and Europe.

Being a YouTube star can be good way to make some money if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Here is how you can become your own Youtube star according to Creator Academy:

1. Create a channel and apply to join the YoutUbe Partner Program. Your channel that you have created must have at least 10000 lifetime views before your YouTube Partner Program application will be looked at.
2. Link your YouTube account to an Adsense account so that you can earn money and get paid for your videos that are monetised.
3. Take some time to understand the types of videos that can be monetised and the various ad formats.
4. Choose monetise with ads for the videos that you make and select the ad formats and videos you want from the Youtube studio app and in video manager.
5. Continue making videos that your community will love to watch.