Facebook has designed Messenger Kids for children.

CALIFORNIA - Facebook released a set of augmented reality tools for Messenger called “world effects,” which allows users to drop real-time 3D objects into photos or videos within the camera frame. 

The technology builds on Facebook’s existing AR features, like the ability to add filters and masks to your face in a selfie, and it’s designed to make Messenger more interactive. 

The first set of world effects include:

  • a floating heart
  • an arrow
  • a 3D robot and unicorn
  • and word bubbles with predetermined messages like “love,” “heart,” and “miss you.”

The aim of this new feature is to make Messenger more playful and multifaceted as possible, so it can compete with other apps on the market, such as Snapchat. 

The company first launched its AR platform eight months ago at the F8 developers conference. It teased a vision for the world in which every object can be identified and by a smartphone camera in real time.