Google has released three photography apps. ( Picture: AP)
DURBAN - Google has announced the launch of three new photography apps.

The new apps are called Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies. These apps have been released as a part of a new "appsperiments" program that Google launched recently.

According to a statement from the Google research blog, the photography "appsperiments" are "usable and useful mobile technology experiences built on experimental technology".

Here is what the three new photography apps are all about:


Storyboard is available on an Android operating system. Storyboard takes video clips and instantly takes out six frames that will be laid out in comic book style template. You can also refresh the app to get new frames and layouts. According to Google, there are over 1,6 trillion combinations.


This photography app is the only one that is available on both an Android and iOS operating system. This app is almost like an automatic black and white photo booth on your smartphone. After the user taps the screen the app will click a picture every time you pose.

The idea is to be moving around into different poses with Selfissimo! snapping a picture every time you stop moving.


Scrubbies is only available on an iOS operating system. This app allows you to remix videos like a DJ by scrubbing back and forth through a video clip to create video loops.

According to Google, these photography apps are the first lot of “appsperiments” that they are launching. The apps are currently available.