Image: The evolution of technology exists to make life easier. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Here are a few gadgets designed to make life a little easier. You may not even know these exist.

1.Luna Sleep Cover

The Luna sleep cover is a smart-sheet that helps you get a better night’s sleep. 

How it works is that It understands your sleep cycle, regulates the temperature of your sheets and does many other functions that guarantees a greater sleep experience.

 you can also use the device and recommend optimal sleep patterns based on how much you exercise and how much you weigh. 

2. Parrot Flower Power

If you love gardening, this device is a handy tool to help ease the process. 

It maintains records of various important details such as temperature, moisture, sunlight and fertilizer levels and informs you whenever your plant needs any level of care or attention.

3. Touch-Hear dictionary 

The Touch-Hear text recognition dictionary was created by scientists at the National University of Singapore. 

It consists of 2 parts: a small sensor attached to your finger pads and a speaker attached to your ear. 

As soon as you touch a word printed in a book with the scanner, you’ll hear its meaning. 

Additionally, this device doesn’t bother other people and only you will beable to hear it.

4. A Bluetooth Beanie 

This Bluetooth Beanie not only keeps your head warm but allows you to listen to music in the process. 

The musical Bluetooth beanie allows you to stream music from your smartphone directly to your ears. 

It also lets you make & answer calls using a built-in mic. 

5. Cyclee – A signal indicator for cyclist

 Cyclee is a sign projector designed for the safety of bike riders.

It works by projecting relevant warning signs on the back of a rider. 

 Signs change depending on the actions of the rider. 

This signs would alert nearby vehicles about the cyclist actions. 

The entire program works wirelessly through a special chipset which is inserted into the device. 

A smartphone app would allow riders to control the device and modify the projected images.