Image: Edible cups made by Evoware. (Youtube)

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Indonesia is seen as the world's second biggest plastic waste contributor to the ocean. 

Data shows that 90% of plastic waste go into the ocean and 70% of that waste comes from food and beverage packaging. Indonesian start-up Evoware, makes edible cups and packaging from farmed seaweed free of chemicals in order to reduce contamination. 

Seen as a biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging, Evoware is calls itself an eco-solution for plastic waste problems.

"We collaborate with local seaweed farmers to provide best quality seaweed for our material that can give you many benefits.Our seaweed-based packaging's patent has been granted and we have received halal and safety guarantee certificate", says Evoware. 

The company says that their products dissolves in warm water, making it a zerowaste product. It is also 100% biodegradable and works as a natural fertilizer for plants.

The products have 2 years of shelf life, even without preservative. They promise that it is nutritious, contains high fiber, vitamins and minerals.