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CAPE TOWN -  Many people go on holiday during the festive season to many different countries across the world. 

To avoid getting confused, lost or to keep safe using a language application could be a great way to enjoy any destination better.

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Here is a list of language apps you can get: 

1.Hello Talk 

On this app, Learners can find native speakers and converse with them using a whatsapp-like chat with voice and text messages. Users can correct each other’s messages with an in-built correction tool, which transforms the language exchanges into tiny tutoring sessions. The app also has an integrated translation system to help you give better sentence construction when trying to convey a message in another language. 

2. Memrise

Memrise is another free language learning app. Seen as easy to work with, supports offline courses, and lets you learn a massive number of languages. 

In this app, words are put into sentences with similar sounding words from your native language to help build the connection for remembering them. To add an association, The app shows you multiple images that you can scroll through that overlay the foreign text with a recognisable image. 

Another method Memrise uses is to teach you a different language is by mixing up the translations.  Works With: iOS, Android, Amazon

3. 24/7 tutor apps

The idea for 24/7 Tutor is to have a tutor with you at all times of every day, right from your mobile device. No matter which app you're using, there are buttons that each take you to a set of topics, such as clothing, entertainment, color, education etc. Each category is tasks like a  game, quiz, spelling practice etc. 

Available on: iOS

4. Google translate

Google Translate immediately tells you how to write and speak anything you run through it. You can translate text, handwriting, and your voice with Google Translate. 

This means you can enter text manually, draw the text, or speak it to convert it into the target language. You can even save your favorite translations so you can refer to them quickly whenever you like. Note: Not all translations can be spoken back to you, but all translations can be displayed.

Available on Android and iOS. 

5. Mindsnacks 

Mindsnacks uses gamification to learn you a new language. 

Each out of seven languages they teach comes with eight or nine tiny games are designed to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, practice your listening. There are short simple lessons outlining concepts that then get practiced or tested in the games before they achieve the status of being mastered. 

Mindsnacks monitors your progress so you can clearly see how much more learning you need to achieve proficiency in every skill.

Available on iOS. 

6. Busuu

 This app offers full courses in 12 languages.

 The app takes you through learning individual words to simple dialogues and questions all of which include audio where you can listen to in your native pronunciation. The lessons are organised in topical themes. 

The special aspect of Busuu is that you can engage native speakers in your personal learning process. The desktop version allows you to chat to native speakers in real time.

Your activity will also be ranked by getting awarded “berries”, which are points given for your progress. Available on iOS, Android and on a PC. 

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