Image: How Nomala works according to Namola’s ambassador Yusuf Abramjee.

CAPE TOWN - SABC in partnership with Dial Direct have launched a new crime prevention app called Namola. 

By using GPS technology,  Namola can pinpoint your location to help police reach you faster.

A user can select the request assistance button in the app and by choosing which type of assistance you would need, such as medical or if a crime is taking place, a trained control centre operators will verify incident details before assisting in the deployment the proper emergency services. 

According to Gauteng Traffic Policing’s Nomphiti Mtshali, the launch of the app Namola is showing the collaboration between government and the private sector.

“Before we had 10111, but we need to ensure we improve technologically", says Nomphiti Mtshali. 

Namola’s ambassador Yusuf Abramjee says the Namola app is seen as an alternative to 10111.

So far, the app has recieved more than 84,000 downloads in the country, 75,000 of those in Gauteng alone said officials.

The App is available on iOS and Android.