Picture: Founder of Nick Inspires SA and Creative Genes, Nick.

CAPE TOWN - South African born entrepreneur, Nick has created an online learning platform, Nick Inspires which helps people to learn digital skills and make money. 

The Mpumalanga-born entrepreneur holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria. 

When he is not working as a sales engineer, he is building his digital marketing audience. 

Nick Inspires is an organisation he founded when he was doing his final year of study at the University of Pretoria. 

“The primary aim was to motivate other students because many students considered me as a positive role model”, says Nick. 

He started mentoring students during his 3rd year and this is where he developed a passion for programming.

This was when he created his free online course, teaching people how to code.

His venture did not stop here. In his final year, he founded his own start up, Creative Genes. This online platform connects tutors with men-tees and vice versa. 

“We currently have 25 university tutors on our website catering only for the University of Pretoria but the service is available for other universities to use”, says Nick. 

Nick says that the main objective of Creative Genes is to enable tutors and students to be able to afford their university tuition. 

Therefore, the rate that the tutor charges is flexible. 

“Tutors have the flexibility of changing rates with increments of R50, from R 0 (free), all the way up to R450 per hour which is the highest you can get. We have intentionally chosen the range based on our experience with tutoring”, says Nick. 

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Nick says that his free online coding course is invaluable and people will be able to secure jobs with this skills. 

“The most selling courses are with software development, website design, app design, programming classes. What do they all have in common? They all require programming skills. Programming skills is not just about build Apps, you can use it to solve scientific problems in the medical space, develop algorithms for controlling traffic, for encryption in security systems, the applications are endless. If we as a country want to be competitive in this digital economy we need to invest in this skill”, says Nick. 

Yet, Nick reminds people that coding is a skill that is usually incorporated with part of a greater course such as an engineering degree, software development or accounting. 

He adds that this skill should be incorporated in more fields and introduced as early as in High School. 

On South Africa’s standpoint in this digital era, Nick acknowledges that SA lags behind. This is where Nick Inspires comes in, to bring South Africans up to speed with the digital revolution.

This is done through tutorial videos and blogs and Nick Inspires is also open to partnering with other organisations. 

“The aim is to get more South Africans to participate in the digital economy especially with education, creative arts (music and film) and ecommerce business. In the short term we are focusing on creating more tutorials, more free resources and more content that is inline with helping people participate in the digital economy. In the long term we hope to make internet access free and accessible to all Africans, and we will partner with anyone that make that dream become a reality”, concludes Nick. 

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