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CAPE TOWN - Looking for a great present for a lucky lady?  Do you want to spoil her? Whether you're in need of a gift for your mum, mother-in-law, wife, girlfriend we got you covered. 

Here is a list of great tech gifts you can surprise her with:

1.Selfie drone

Taking a selfie is not always just a simple tasks. It requires attention to detail and can sometimes be very uncomfortable because of posing or having to hold your hand a certain way.  Make it easier for her and get her a selfie drone. It will take the most accurate images and she won't have to take up all the space on your smartphone. 

Available on: geewiz, Webantics, PC link computer and

Prices range from R1 200 - R20 500

2. An instant-printing camera 

Instant printing cameras are a fun and inexpensive gift that she can use to capture all her memories. Perfect for when she travels, there is a whole range that she can choose from. 

Prices: R889 - R 2000

Available on Superbalist,, Takealot, Incredible connection, Amazon and Emporium Online. 

3. Bellabeat

The leaf-shaped smart jewelry is made out of recycled wood composite that looks like stone. It's encased in a metal clip that looks like the abstract veins of a leaf. 

You can choose between silver or rose gold to match your lady's style.  She can wear the Leaf Urban as a necklace, bracelet, or a simple clip on clothing.

It tracks active minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep duration, and sleep quality automatically. 

She can also follow guided meditation sequences in the app and set silent alarms to wake up more peacefully in the morning.

Price: R720 - R3 985 

Available online at 

4. Touchscreen Gloves 

There are many ranges of touchscreen-friendly gloves that have conductive fiber on all 10 fingertips. So in the winter, her hands don't need to get cold if she needs to use her cellphone. The gloves are fairly responsive on touchscreens, though you'll need to press more deliberately.

Prices: R69 - R418

Available at Sportsmans Warehouse, Zasttra South Africa, and 

5. A smart purse 

There's nothing worse than running out of battery and being stuck with a dead phone. That's where a smart purse such as the Mighty Purse comes in. This company makes wristlets, clutches, purses, and tote bags with battery packs inside for quickly charging any phone on the go. 

Prices: R765 - R1, 409.

Available on Amazon and Bidorbuy. 

6. A Smart make-up mirror


Most women don't always trust your opinion when they ask you the question, "Do I look fine?" Lucky enough for you there is a way you can get out of it by getting her a smart mirror. 

Smart mirrors have become very advanced. Some just have simple features such as lights, the ability to zoom in and magnify certain areas and are touchscreen. The latest tech found in smart mirrors feature anti-fog and security features.

For example, the HiMirror, for example, uses built-in smarts to analyse your skin condition and show you the data once you “login” using your face or voice. Viio, another company producing smart mirrors, offers a range of various designs, shapes and features, including anti-fog capabilities. 

Prices: R355 - R5 999

Available on, Takealot, and Amazon.

7. Smart Watch 

There are a lot of smart watches on the market these days, which makes finding the right one tricky.

 There is the Samsung Galaxy smart gear, Apple, Huawei and more. The cool part about having one is that it will let help her track her activities and sleep, offer personalized guidance and even silently wake her up in the morning (if and when she wants).

Prices range from R160 - R 6500. It all depends on which brand you purchase. 

Available on, Incredible Connection,, Apple or check out any mobile service provider such as CellC, MTN, Telkom. 

8.Dyson silent hair dryer

Dyson is known for their vacuum cleaners. Recently, They released the 'Dyson Supersonic' an impressively futuristic hairdryer that dries hard, heats gently and, most importantly, is near silent.

The Supersonic also has added features to reduce overheating, meaning it'll never burn your hands or your hair, and comes with four detachable accessories

Price: R6 499

Available at, Clicks or Takealot.


If she loves to read but doesn't always have time to get to a bookstore, get her an Amazon Kindle. Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media. 

Price: R460 - R6999

Available on, Amazon, Takealot and Incredible Connection.

10. Freshly Baked USB cup warmer

If she's stuck at her desk most of the time or if she enjoys her coffee or tea then this is a perfect gift for her.

The donut-shaped cup warmer will easily keep hot beverages as toasty as can be. Just plug it into a USB port and it will instantly keep your beverages warm.

Price: R249-R279

Available on Superbalist or Bidorbuy.