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CAPE TOWN - Buying your child a Christmas present in today's ever-changing world for your child can be vastly different when compared to when you went Christmas shopping with your parents.

 The child of today probably has a million more choices than you did when you were younger and it can be daunting picking out a gift for your child.  

There are many tech toys available not only for fun purposes but they can also be used as learning tools.

Here is a list tech toys you can get your child: 

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1. Hatch toys 

Hatchimals come in eggs that needs your child to nurture with love in order to help it hatch. When they do come into the brave new world, the owner must help them progress from baby to toddler to kid. 

Price: R585 - R 1299 

Available at Toys R Us,, Takealot and the Kid Zone 

2. Fingerlings

The Fingerlings are small, monkey creatures that fit on your finger and come to life when you interact with them. They've got over 40 different movements and 50 different sounds, including giggles, bottom burps and other monkey noises. 

If your child doesn't enjoy the monkey versions, a unicorn version is also available. 

Price: R699- R1200 

Available on BuyOut and

3. Osmo

Bringing traditional play to iOS, Osmo creates a number of interactive games that use an iPad as the gaming board, while also using the tablet's on board camera to see what you are doing.

Games include Coding Jam, which uses physical coding blocks to solve on screen puzzles, and even gives your child the opportunity to manage a pizza shop, which encourages maths. Osmo also offers simpler, but still very clever learning apps, like drawing, basic maths and English.

Prices: R1 7 63- R2 310 

Available on and Merkado. 

4. Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini is a miniaturised robot toy.

The size of ping pong ball, you can control it with different modes in the Sphero Mini app, or you can just use your face thanks to a new feature called Face Drive. This uses your facial expressions to steer the ball. It also comes with three mini traffic cones and six mini bowling pins for different games. 

Price: R899 - R 1 211

Available on, Takealot and Merkado. 

5. Vtech kidizoom flix 

This selfie camera is designed for the future child vlogger in your life. 

The camera, which features a number of different faces, includes a guard mode for protecting bedrooms and its legs can be wrapped around poles, beds, arms and plenty more. 

There's a 1.8-inch screen for viewing your images or the option to upload them to a computer via a USB cable. Adiitionally, It can remember phrases and repeats what you say back to you in a funny voice. 

Price: R 1 204 - R 1 780 

Available on, Toys R Us and 

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