270315 Eskom's Non Executive Chairman Zola Tsotsi had an interview with Business Report in his home in Bryanston regarding the suspension of his Executives in the Parastatal North of Johannesburg.photo by Simphiwe Mbokazi
JOHANNESBURG - Former Eskom chairperson Zola Tsotsi is currently speaking at the Eskom inquiry in Parliament.

Tsotsi made the shocking revelations that after Minister Brown told him that she had been receiving complaints about him, he was called the same day by Tony Gupta and they met that day.

Tony Gupta told him: 'Chairman, you are not helping us with anything. We are the ones who put you in the position you are in. We are the ones who can take you out!'

The former Eskom chairperson then told members at the Eskom Inquiry that former SAA chair Dudu Myeni had called him to meet President Jacob Zuma in Durban.

Tsotsi said he and Myeni met on March 7, 2015 at the Durban Presidential residence.

Myeni apparently told Tsotsi that Eskom CE Tsediso Matona and other Eskom executives including Dan Marokane and Matshela Koko were going to be suspended.

“I found this matter altogether shocking and proceeded to question the need for suspending these executives as I saw this as a recipe for inducing instability in the company,” he charged.

“Shortly thereafter, the president entered. After some pleasantries, he requested to know what was up for discussion, whereupon Ms. Myeni repeated what she had previously stated.

“The president then enquired if I knew who the executives are who were to be suspended, to which I responded that I would prefer that I consult the HR rules of the company to check if there is a provision for recusal rather than suspensions.”

Former Eskom finance director Tsholofelo Molefe would also be suspended. This information was given to Tsotsi by Ben Ngubane.

WATCH: Zola Tsotsi speaking in parliament:

Yesterday, Tsotsi was accused of changing records of the meeting.

Tsotsi changed meeting records to dissimulate his attempt to impose a suspended employee as CEO in 2015 after Tshediso Matona was sidelined.

Former board member Venete Klein told the parliamentary inquiry into the power utility that the board had been uncomfortable with a written proposal by Tsotsi to name "a young man" in Matona's post.

"It was a bitter pill for me when I discovered that he was on suspension and the chairman chose not to tell us but put forward his name to serve as acting CEO," Klein said.

She said board members persuaded Tsotsi that the young man in question was not a suitable candidate, but when she later had sight of the minutes of the meeting where this discussion happened, these were grossly inaccurate.