File Image: IOL

TOKOYO, JAPAN - Toyota Motor Corporation announced plans for the popularisation of electrified vehicles for the decade 2020-2030.

The company said itt would introduce at least 10 new electric vehicles by early 2020. First in China and then globally. 

By around 2030, Toyota aims to have sales of more than 5.5 million electrified vehicles, including more than 1 million zero-emission vehicles. Additionally, by around 2025, every model in the Toyota and Lexus line-up around the world will be available either as a dedicated electrified model or have an electrified option. 

 In addition, Toyota and Panasonic will start a feasibility study on a joint automotive prismatic battery business in order to achieve the best automotive prismatic battery in the industry. Toyota adds that they aim to focus on the development of a social infrastructure conducive to the widespread adoption of electrified vehicles.

This includes the creation of a system to help streamline battery reuse and recycling. The company also plans to support the promotion of plug-in vehicle charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations through active cooperation and collaboration with government authorities and partner companies.