Picture: L'Oreal. (Twitter).

CAPE TOWN - Beauty companies are no longer priding itself on cosmetic beauty alone and have now entered the technological sphere. With beauty company such as L’Oreal launching the first ever UV sensor, much more can be expected from cosmetic companies. 

The French cosmetics company today launched a thumb-nail worn smart device, designed to monitor your sun exposure, reports The Verge. 

The device is less than two millimeters thick. 

Operating with a battery-free electronic sensor, along with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the UV Sensor helps limit the risk of skin cancer. 

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The UV Sensor is deemed an advancement compared to the My UV Patch which was launched in 2016. 

The My UV Patch was a sticker, accompanied with different dyes. The dyes would change colour, depending on how long they were exposed to light.

However, the UV sensor can be worn more than once and can store up to 3 months data. 

The app tells you about risks to ultraviolet exposure and suggests better habits and when to reapply lotion. 

Just two months ago, the French cosmetics company took a knock by Asian brands. 

Global brands such as L'Oreal struggled to grow in China’s market and was dominated by local brands such as the Pechoin moisturisers. 

"Pechoin is cheaper and safer than other brands,” she said. “I don’t know what kind of things have been added to the global brands’ products, so I’m not sure whether it’s good or safe for my skin", said a 47 year old engineer in Zhengzhou, Qing Liu. 

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