Matsi Modise

Durban - They are young and ready to drive the future for Africa by using the latest tech developments.

These are the global shapers have arrived at the WEF Conference, which kicked off on Wednesday morning. 

The Global Shapers are a network of young future leaders under the age of 30 who have been recognised for their achievements and potential.

Financial whizzkid, Priscilla Meno from Global Shapers Johannesburg Hub said the big issues challenging  the country's youth are unemployment and a lack of knowledge.

She says these can be addressed through technology although the cost of data is a major challenge for young people. 

"Our generation does not buy a car, but uses Uber, we don’t book into a hotel but log onto Airbnb.

When I wake up in the morning, I look at Twitter to see what is happening in the world and what events are happening today." 

Priscilla Menoe

Entrepreneur, Matsi Modise, who has been in the Global Shaper Top 50 three times and has just been nominated to sit on the WEF Expert Network is an investment banker turned entrepreneur. 

"WEF provides a platform where you can have a seat at the table with CEO's from around the country. The biggest issue facing the country is a lack of leadership in government but we will come through these turbulent times. The biggest challenge for the youth is access to opportunities, but by being here I will pass on everything I can to my network of other young entrepreneurs," said Modise.