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CAPE TOWN - Christmas is the time of year where wish lists emerge. If anyone is having trouble about what gifts to buy for their loved ones or what to put on their wish list, here are a few ideas. 

Online retailer, Loot has some of the latest offerings with discounted deals which can help shoppers plan ahead of their Christmas shopping. 

Take a look at these discounted items: 

Mellerware vision glass kettle

Picture: Mellerware vision glass kettle

Loot has slashed the price of the Mellerware kettle by 31%. Initially costing R549 at list price, the vision glass kettle with an 1850 - 2200 W can now be purchased by Loot for R377. 

Convection cooker

Picture: Mellerware convection cooker. (Loot). 

A 12L Mellerware convection cooker priced at R899 can be purchased at a 15% discount at Loot for R766. The cooker has multiple functions such as steaming, frying and baking. 

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Smoothie Maker

Picture: Severin Smoothie Maker. (Loot). 

A convenient Severin Smoothie Maker which includes two bottles has a list price of R799. However, this Smoothie Maker can be purchased at a Loot price of R649 which is at a 19% discounted price. 

Coffee Maker

Picture: Mellerware Modena 3-in-1 coffee maker. (Loot). 

The Mellerware Modena 3-in-1 coffee maker has a list price of R1 199. However, this can be purchased at Loot at a 33% discounted price of R799. 


Picture: George Foreman In Shape Griller. (Loot). 

The George Foreman In Shape Griller with 80 square inches of grilling space has a list price of R700. This can be purchased at a 29% discounted price at Loot for R499. 

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