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CAPE TOWN - Instant messaging service WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow users to withdraw text messages within five minutes of sending. 

According to WABetaInfo, a cross-platform beta tester for new WhatsApp features, the Facebook-owned messaging service is testing a "delete for everyone" feature. 

WABetaInfo said in a tweet that the server works and will allow users to successfully recall a message they have sent.

If the server works, it does not necessarily mean that the feature will be enabled immediately. WhatsApp still needs to roll the feature out officially to users. 

According to the Daily Mail, the feature was included in the code for version 2.17.30 of the app, but  WhatsApp still needed to enable it. 

Rumours of the feature first began in February, when reports suggested the messaging app was testing a feature to delete messages mistakenly sent to users in its beta version .

This is seen as a win for drunken texters and those who send messages they regret later on. 

Prior to testing this new feature, a user could press and hold on a specific message to delete it. 

However, this function only removes the message from the device of the user who deleted it and not from the device of the user on the other end.

Most of us have made the blunder of sending a message to the wrong person on WhatsApp, or sending a message filled with typos. Soon, you’ll be able to fix that.

WABetainfo didn’t indicate how long the beta would run and when the feature will be available publicly, but we’re certain many users will appreciate it once it’s added to WhatsApp official updates.