Backpacking is one of the things that you can do if you are taking a gap year. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - After high school, many matriculants consider taking a gap year as apposed to heading straight into university.

At the moment, 46% of young people are unemployed, with 1,1 million people are entering the job market yearly.

In a market where so many people enter the job market daily, a gap year may be important for young people to get clarity and perspective on the path they want to follow before entering the job market.

There are many advantages taking a gap year, very often a gap year can provide young people the chance to discover their true interests and talents and help them become more focused when they return.

A gap year will also ensure that young people can go to university with a clear thought of what they want to study and which career path they want to follow.

According to Glassdoor employment specialists, taking a year for a vacation can help boost your career. Glassdoor interviewed employees who had taken a sabbatical and found that a gap year was a worthwhile risk which allowed people to concentrate their time and energy into hobbies, interests and even possible business proposals.

If you are a matriculant thinking of taking a gap year here are some of the things that you can do during your sabbatical:


If you're interested in having an adventure and seeing the world then backpacking is definitely for you.

Au pair

Becoming an au pair is a wonderful way to see the world and have a base to come back to. There are agencies here in South Africa that can help you become an au pair.

Teaching English

This is the perfect choice for any person who is interested in language or teaching. All you need is a TEFL certificate and a grade 12 qualification.