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CAPE TOWN - ​It costs an​ average of R82 282 in bribe money in ​to get a tender in South Africa, according to ​The Ethics Institute.

The institute conducts the South African Citizens' Bribery Survey annually with the aim of understanding how ordinary South Africans perceive and experience bribery in their daily lives, as well as the socio-economic factors that influence bribery. 

According to the report, 4 962 participants accross Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo and the Free State were asked questions such like, "How frequently are people asked for bribes? What are these bribes for? Which political party is most committed to combating corruption? If the political party you supported was enabling bribery and corruption, would you change your vote?"

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The results of the survey show​s​ that the​ top five most common types of bribes are to avoid traffic offences (39%); to obtain a driver’s licence (18%); to secure a job (14%); to receive a public service (8%); and to avoid police or criminal charges (7%). 

CEO of The Ethics Institute Professor Deon Rossouw, said, "The data suggests that the poor are more impacted by bribery than the rich, which is consistent with previous years’ findings."

The institute concluded that there seems to be an upward trend in the number of bribes solicited, and the number of bribes paid. The percentage of people who know someone who was asked for a bribe increased from 26% in 2015, to 37% in 2017.