Temu vs. Shein vs. Takealot: Who offers the lowest prices?

Temu is a new e-commerce platform that is gaining momentum in South Africa but how do the prices compare to Takealot and Shein. Picture: Freepik

Temu is a new e-commerce platform that is gaining momentum in South Africa but how do the prices compare to Takealot and Shein. Picture: Freepik

Published Mar 31, 2024


Temu, a newcomer in the online shopping industry, appears to be gaining popularity among South African consumers. How does this site compare to other online shopping platforms like Shein and Takealot?

The increasing craze for Temu stems from the appeal of its lower prices, attracting more consumers who are exposed to the e-commerce platform through social media advertisements

To see how Temu stands against other popular sites like Shein and Takealot, we compared the prices of 10 various items from the three online shopping sites.

Heart necklace

Temu: R43

Shein: R33

Takealot: R139

Pantry storage container

Temu: R124

Shein: R107

Takealot: R189

Flat top Kabuki make-up brush

Temu: R26

Shein: R29

Takealot: R155

Slide sandals for women

Temu: R118

Shein: R93

Takealot: R210

Pet plush toy

Temu: R36

Shein: R56

Takealot: R80

Transparent phone case for a Samsung device

Temu: R22

Shein: R23

Takealot: R48

TWS wireless earbuds

Temu: R61

Shein: R72

Takealot: R129

Insulated travel mug

Temu: R159

Shein: R261

Takealot: R368

35cm plush teddy bear

Temu: R93

Shein: R137

Takealot: R249

Double breasted blazer for women

Temu: R359

Shein: R292

Takealot: R895

Shipping costs

While consumers may be excited about the cheap prices, they should also keep in mind the cost of shipping the items to them.

According to the Shein website, the cost of shipping depends on the total cost of a person’s purchase.

If the purchase is less than R590 then the cost to ship is R150. If a person spends between R590 and R1,050, the cost of shipping is R150. Shein offers free shipping for orders worth over R1,050.

For Temu shipping is free. However consumers need to be aware that may need to pay for customs for their orders.

Takealot offers people various shipping options.

According the Takealot site, standard delivery is free for orders that are R500 or more while orders worth less than R500 have a R70 delivery fee attached. Heavy or bulky goods have a R200 surplus charge and same day delivery costs R95.

Next Business Day delivery with Takealot for orders worth R500 or more cost R75 if the order if less than R500 then the cost is R90.

Virtual cards

While may be searching for the cheapest deal that you can find, it is also important that you be safe when shopping online. One of the ways that people can be safe when transacting online to use their virtual cards to pay for the goods.

According to the Lauren Deva, Pillar head for Commercial Transactional Pillar at FNB Commercial, using virtual cards considerably reduces the risk of online fraud as the verification data is always different.

Virtual cards can be a safer way that consumers pay for orders online because every virtual card will have its own unique card number, expiry date and card verification value (CVV) that is always changing.

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