HP Harnessing the Power of AI to Redefine Productivity and Collaboration for today’s Hybrid Workforce

HP is at the forefront of harnessing the power of AI to create more personalised, meaningful, and secure experiences for everyone.

HP is at the forefront of harnessing the power of AI to create more personalised, meaningful, and secure experiences for everyone.

Published Jun 12, 2024


The world is in an exhilarating era, where advancements in digital technology and generative artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionising the way we work, live, and play.

We are at the beginning of a new decade of innovation, and HP is at the forefront of harnessing the power of AI to create more personalised, meaningful, and secure experiences for everyone.

And South Africa is determined not to get left behind. Particularly as the role and potential of AI in assisting the nation and continent get the United Nations Development Goals (SDG’s) back on track by 2030, which is seen as an imperative and responsibility to be seized by every country.

Projected to add $4 trillion dollars annually to the global economy, AI is also tapped to help bridge the gap between what employees want and what companies need.

This is particularly pivotal in a time of an ever-evolving hybrid work landscape where the potential of AI to drive productivity is well documented. Key insights stemming from the HP Work Relationship Index reveals that 41% of employees don’t yet feel equipped to use AI in their jobs. This is a business barrier that falls on leaders to improve in order to drive growth and better their employees’ relationship to work.

HP recently announced the industry’s largest portfolio of AI PCs at the HP Amplify PartnerConference in Palo Alto, leveraging the power of AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and user experiences in hybrid work settings. This announcement showcases the innovation within the HP universe, that will be brought to customers and businesses globally to ensure that everyone is making the most of AI’s potential.

The company is leading the market with more than 100 AI-enabled products and solutions that make computing and printing more personal and intuitive, and IT management more seamless and simpler.

By harnessing AI as a personal tool, HP is creating more personalised and meaningful work experiences, revolutionising the way we interact with technology and each other.

Innovating for the future of work with AI PCs

Local entrepreneurs, employees, creatives, and knowledge workers are increasingly juggling multifaceted careers wherein versatility, functionality, AI, and connectivity are non-negotiable must-haves in devices.

In response to this growing wave of tech needs, HP introduced the newest generation of AI HPElite and Pro PCs, featuring Copilot in Windows 1 and Windows 11 Pro 2, and Z by HP mobile workstations, delivering high-performance computing solutions designed to power collaboration, creativity and demanding workflows.

As the world’s most powerful AI business PCs 3, the HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs and Elite x360, are designed to deliver a seamless blend of portability, performance, and up to21 hours of battery life 4 for leaders and workers on the go.

The Z by HP range delivers high-performance compute solutions designed to power the most demanding workflows. The newest generation of AI HP ZBook mobile workstations tackle the challenges of mobile work yet maintain the necessary collaboration tools for executing large, complex projects from anywhere.

While the hybrid work environment has made it essential to meeting equity for flexible working environments. HP is enabling more conducive collaborative spaces in hybrid environments which allow for everyone to be seen and heard through the broadest portfolio of Poly certified conferencing room solutions and headsets. In addition, HP has also introduced new monitors and peripherals that provide a seamless and comfortable user experience that boosts productivity from wherever work gets done.

With Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology, the latest Poly Studio devices keep the focus where it matters, enabling all participants to put their best face forward. The Poly Studio E360Centre-of-Table Camera for instance, designed for small to large meeting rooms, provides superb video quality and 360-degree coverage.

Meanwhile, the HP Series 7 Pro Monitors, feature the world’s most advanced conferencing monitor series 5 crafted for creators and modern leaders seeking to personalize their work style. The HP Series 7 Pro 27- and 34-inch monitors are the world’s first conferencing monitor series with an integrated AI privacy webcam 6, delivering life-like virtual collaboration so you always look and sound your best.

With HP and Poly bolstering workspace collaboration solutions, offering industry-leading videoconferencing solutions, camera, headsets and more – HP is helping businesses and people thrive in this new AI-driven world of work.

Words By Yesh Surjoodeen, Managing Director for HP Southern Africa.

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